Pressure Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filter




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Parameter Value Unit Remarks
Flowrate KLD
Working hours hours 2 hours for backwash
Flowrate 4.55 cum/hr
Recirculated flow % Typical 3% | Range from 2-5% | May be higher based on wastewater
Recirculated flowrate 0.23 cum/hr
Design flowrate (average) 4.77 cum/hr Average + Recirculated

0.0013258 cum/s
Peak factor
Final design flowrate 4.77 cum/hr
Design Calculations
Cross Sectional Velocity m/hr Range from 5-15 m/hr ; 8 is typical, higher the cross section velocity lower the filter diameter but higher pressure drop and feed pressure requirement, For 8 m/s feed pressure will range from 15-20 meter while for >10 m/s the feed pressure required will be 20-25 meter
Area Required 0.48 sqm
Diameter 0.780 m If diameter >2 m then provide multiple pressure vessels in series, due to economy and practial handling simplicity
Diameter 30.70 inch
Free Board 0.5 m
Depth of sand media 1 m
Depth of gravel media 0.5 m
Total depth 2 m
Volume 0.95 cum

955 liter
Filter Fill 75 %
Bulk desnity of filter media 1.68 kg/l
Media required 1203 kg
Sand required 842 kg 70% sand
Gravel required 361 kg 30% gravel
Diameter 0.780 m
Height 2 m
Filter sand required 842 kg D10 size 0.9 mm and Uniformity Coefficient 1.3-1.5
Gravel required 361 kg Variable from as per table below

Thickness of gravel
Grading 2.5 to 5 mm 0.100 m
Grading 5 to 10 mm 0.100 m
Grading 10 to 20 mm 0.100 m
Grading 20 to 50 mm 0.200 m
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