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SWA Environmental Engineers & Consultants is a pure play Environmental firm working in Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Forensics and Modelling sector. SWA is based out of Ahmedabad where we have a laboratory, manufacturing and consulting services office.


  • Become a market leader in manufacturing of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Products
  • Provide high quality Designing and Engineering Services for wastewater treatment, solid waste management and pipe network designing
  • Become a mass producer of high quality Compressed Biogas Gas (CBG) to help replace non-renewable fossil fuels like CNG and Petroleum
  • Make Ahmedabad a “Zero Waste City” by 2030- a model for other cities to emulate

Meet Our Team

Founding Partner & C.E.O

Urv Patel

Urv Patel, M.S. is the principal designing engineer and CEO of SWA Environmental Consultants & Engineers. His professional interest includes wastewater management & engineering with specialization in process design for biological and physico-chemical processes. He graduated from University of Washington, Seattle and have worked with institutions like CDM Smith, Washington State Department of Ecology, Environmental Management Centre (Mumbai), Asian Development Bank, Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board, IL&FS (CSR group) and several others.
Founding Partner & C.O.O

Kunj Patel

Kunj Patel, M.E. is the principal project engineer and COO of SWA Environmental Consultants & Engineers. Environmental engineer by training from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidhyalay (BVM) (Anand, GJ), project management is his forte—involving proposals, logistics, erection, manpower coordination, commissioning of wastewater treatment plants with any complexity.
COO- Purchase & Administration

Paresh Patel

“PK” or “Saheb” we fondly call him is an industry veteran with experience in industrial cooling and environmental projects for the last 25 years. He is our relationship manager both with vendors and clients alike. Primarily responsible for all the purchase, accounting, project logistics, he handles all the nitty gritty.

Dharni Patel

Dharni Patel, B.Arch is the Architect & chief drawings coordinator at SWA Environmental with a graduation from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. She is an expert in conceptualizing most economical general arrangement drawings & designs for STPs & ETPs, which also consider plant wide layout for lowering the cost of piping & electrical while maximizing utility.
Laboratory Manager (Technical)

Pankaj Gothi

Pankaj Gothi, M.Sc. is the principal chemist at SWA Environmental who handles all the laboratory activities with specializes in water quality analysis quality control conforming to most stringent management standards. He is also well experienced in especially in spectrophotometric analysis of wastewater, along with all the general areas. As a principal chemist he also executes the R&D programs with a rigorous diligence and dexterity.
Logistics & Erection In-charge (Projects)

Salim Shaikh

Salim oversees all the logistics past of project operations including material control and manpower coordination. He also overlooks site physical aspects of troubleshooting commissioned plants. A motorcycle mechanic by training he is also an expert fitter with experience working with non-clog pumps, roots blowers and gearboxes.
Senior Design Engineer

Parth Suthar

B.tech & MBA from Gujarat technological University, he is the design engineer and principal modeller at SWA Environmental. Demonstrating a profound mastery of design tools and employing a solution-oriented working approach, he spearheads the development of 3D plant models and the design of WTPs, STPs & ETPs. His expertise extends to optimizing piping networks to attain maximum efficiency and feasibility. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is a dedicated practitioner and instructor of Yoga and Garba, showcasing a profound passion for dance.
Chemist & Assistant Technical Manager

Harshad Salvi

Harshad Salvi, B.Sc. is a Junior Chemist SWA Environmental and handles site monitoring activities as well as in house analysis. He is well versed in both water-wastewater and air quality analysis

Divyang Patel

Divyang Patel, B.Sc. is a Junior Chemist SWA Environmental and handles site monitoring & inhouse calibration activities as well as in house analysis. He is well versed in both water-wastewater
Design Engineer

Harsh Rathod

Harsh is a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Gujarat Technological Universitywith specialization in designing and 3D modelling. He enjoys working on complicated projects where there are multiple utilities and has a forte in clash free planning & design. Apart from work he also likes to reading books,music.
Junior Design Engineer

Rajan Patani

Rajan is a proficient civil engineer holding a diploma from Gujarat Technological University. With expertise in generating 3D models using Revit and adept at transforming 2D drawings into immersive 3D visualizations, he possesses a strong grasp of work execution derived from his experience with 2D Gad. Beyond his professional skills, Rajan also enjoys playing the guitar and maintaining a regular exercise routine. He has a keen interest in astrology, adding depth to his diverse range of passions and pursuits
Chemist & Sales Manager

Jayendra Rajora

Jayendra Rajora, M.Sc., serves as a senior chemist at SWA Environmental, specializing in the comprehensive analysis of water, wastewater, soil, and air. His expertise extends to the planning and execution of environmental audits and monitoring initiatives. With a wealth of experience in handling NABL documents, he ensures that the highest standards are maintained in the analytical processes. Additionally, Jayendra takes charge of the business development department, showcasing his leadership skills in driving growth and fostering strategic partnerships for SWA Environmental. His multifaceted role highlights his commitment to both technical excellence and business expansion within the environmental sector.

Our Associates

Chemical & Process Engineering Expert

Keyur Shah

– 10+ years of experience & specialization in the field of environmental water quality analysis and air quality monitoring
– Currently Chemical Engineer with SWA Environmental Consultants & Engineers
– Environmental Impact Assessment experience of 4 years
– Chemical Process Engineering expertis
Environmental Engineer & EIA Expert

Tejash Pancholi

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