Pre-bid estimation services

One of the services where we have an excellent track record of unprecedented speed of delivery is the time critical aspect of pre-bid cost estimation. We have an excellent track record of delivering pre bid estimated with projects worth more than 350 cr/3500 million Rs. in less than 10 days including site topographical survey, pipeline layout, detailed rate analysis and risk matrix analysis.
Our core philosophy and working methodology focus on assessing hydraulic implication of topographical survey and integrating the effect of the same on the overall cost of the project.


  • Detailed & accurate rate analysis with item rate for all civil components like intake well, pumping stations, WTP, STP, reservoirs, elevated storage reservoirs.
  • Detailed & accurate rate analysis of all electromechanical and piping components.
  • Estimation with actual market rate supported by quotes from multiple vendors.
  • Site reconnaissance for local rate implication on commodity items
  • Risk matrix with defining probability on cost risks and savings.
  • Operations & maintenance cost
  • Detailed graphical representation for cost contribution summary