Groundwater Quality Modelling


In the capacity of an independent consultant to the Prasad Modak& Associate, our modeling expert has worked on a salt water intrusion assessment of a coastal aquifer.


To assess the extent of groundwater quality degradation & identifying sources causing the degradation within 10 km radius of a thermal power plant


Cuddulore, TN

Project Description

This project involved collection of groundwater quality and level data and analysis of the data for correctness, assessing the extent of contamination and the source of contamination. The study was commissioned by a large infrastructure and power company under its CSR initiative (name protected under non-disclosure agreement).

The specific outputs which were produced by our modelling expert in collaboration with other consultants were as follows:

  • Identified the discrepancies in the collected data
  • Prioritizing the GW data collection wells and formulating a GW data collection program, based on scientific distribution of wells
  • Identifying the hotspots and categorizing the influence zones in the aquifer
  • Identifying the impact of estuarine influx of salt water and consequential intrusion in groundwater
  • Documentation, reporting & presentation of the results

Isopleth for TDS concentration in ground water

Isopleth for TDS concentration in ground water

Strategies to check sea water intrusion

Groundwater modelling in Modflow